Peaceful Knights

Aggie Schoenberger

Personal Information

March 5

Address: 185 Penn Dr., Lehighton, PA 18235
Personal Website:  (local site):
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Mission Organization Information

Peaceful Knights – (Transitional housing and emergency men’s homeless shelter)

Purpose/Calling:   To share the hope and healing of the gospel to homeless in Carbon County
Mission Address:   215 N. 1st St, Lehighton, PA 18235

How You Can Pray for Us:

1) for the clients – that their faith would grow and that they would feel and experience the love and safety and peace of Jesus
2) for the board members – that they would continue to keep their eyes on Jesus and listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit
3) for the community – that they would be blessed as they bless this ministry and that their kindness and love for our guys would continue

How You Can PRAISE GOD for us:

1) for the clients – praise for the growth and strength and protection they receive while under our roof
– praise that they almost all find jobs within 2 weeks
2) for the board – praise for the unity and dedication of our board members
3) for the community – for their unending love and support with prayer, financial, and supplies!!

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